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The Union of Chemists in Bulgaria (UCB) is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental, non-profit, creative and professional organisation of chemists, chemical engineers and other experts with higher education that work in the field of the chemical science, chemical industry and chemical education in Bulgaria. This institution is based on the grounds of democracy, autonomy, clear terms of reference, and self-funding.

The first chemical society in Bulgaria was established on 3rd March 1901 in Sofia. In 1924, this and other societies, founded later, united in the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria. UCB is recognised by the Bulgarian law under the act 786/93 (verdicts of 19th July 1993, 12th June 1996, 27th October 1999) of the Sofia City Court.

The primary scopes of UCB are the following:
- To protect the creative and professional activities of its members;
- To facilitate creative contacts and exchange of views and information on various problems of the chemical science, chemical industry and chemical education;
- To promote further qualification and skills of its members and encourage free creative and professional contribution;
- To give information to the wide public about the latest developments of the chemical science and chemical technology;
- To help the state authorities and the business in adopting and realising their policy in the field of science, environmental protection, economy and education;
- To help enhancing the prestige of the chemical education and training and stimulate the progress of future young chemists and chemical engineers, which come out from high schools and research organisations and the pupils finishing secondary schools;
- To organise various events (congresses, symposia, conferences, round-table discussions, meetings) in the field of research and development, and education and training;
- To make expertise of various projects and programmes and prepare alternative own projects;
- To prepare and advance own proposals concerned with legislation acts related to the chemical science, chemical industry and chemical education;
- To establish joint co-operation with different bodies in Bulgaria and worldover;
- To organise competitions and award prizes.

Some economic activities are allowed, in agreement with the laws of Bulgaria and EU. These include: research and development, innovation, expertise, information, publishing, training, standardisation.
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