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The journal issues original research, new theoretical concepts and application, and critical reviews in the science or industrial practice of all aspects of chemistry, chemical engineering, applied chemistry, environmental protection and improved and emerging technologies. The journal puts out Review articles, Articles, Notes, and Letters. The language of the journal is exclusively English.
Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and bioorganic, Physical, Electrochemistry, Catalysis, Electrochemical power sources, Corrosion, Galvanochemistry
Chemical technology
Inorganic, Organic and bioorganic, Polymers and plastics, Fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, Coal, gas and oil processing, Petrochemistry, Ceramics and glasses, Nanomaterials
Environmental protection
Air, water and soil: Chemical and biochemical methods
Analytical instrumentation and chemical equipment
This journal is published in Bulgaria and appears in four books in two double issues.
Editor-in-Chief: D. Tsalev
: Ch. Bonev, N. Naydenov
Editorial Board
: I. Havezov, S. Ivanov, N. Kolev, Ch. Kratchanov, I. Schopov, N. Tyutyulkov, G. Vissokov
Advisory Board
: G. Andreev, S. Armyanov, V. Beschkov, L. Boyadzhiev, D. Elenkov, D. Kamenski, D. Klissurski, V. Konsulov, S. Manev, M. Mitewa, M. Natov, Yo. Pelovski, P. Petkov, S. Popov, N. Raev, R. Raicheff, S. Raicheva, B. Samuneva, K. Stanulov, S. Stoyanov, D. Stratiev, D. Tsalev, Ch. Tsvetanov

Founding Editor
: I. Tomov

Manuscripts should be sent to:
Prof. D. Tsalev, DSc
Bulgarian Chemistry and Industry
St. K. Ohridski University of Sofia
Faculty of Chemistry, 1 James Bourchier Blvd.
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359-2-8161318; fax: +359-2-9625438

Editorial office:
N. Naydenov, Dip. Eng.
Bulgarian Chemistry and Industry
Union of Chemists in Bulgaria
108, G. Rakovski St.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel/fax: +359-2-9875812

Subscription rates
: EUR 200 (Europe), EUR 220 (all other countries).
Prices are subject to change without notice, in accordance with market fluctuations.
Payments only by bank transfer should be directed to:
Union of Chemists in Bulgaria
UniCredit Bulbank
1 Ivan Vazov St., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

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