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Being a member of the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria is of one’s own free will. Each Bulgarian or non-local resident over 18 having a higher education and being occupied with chemical science, chemical industry or chemical education may become a member of this union.

A joint member of the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria may be Bulgarian or foreign, national, international, regional or any other organisation (union, society, club, section, group, etc.) that has been founded on a professional basis and acknowledges the organisation charter of the union. It is not compulsory that individual members of these organisations be also individual members of the union. The Union of Chemists in Bulgaria has the following joint members:

1. Bulgarian Catalysis Club
2. Bulgarian Electrochemical Society
3. Bulgarian Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Society
4. Bulgarian Hydrogen Society
5. Bulgarian Polymer Society
6. Bulgarian Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis
7. Bulgarian Society of Materials Science
8. Bulgarian Society of Mechanochemistry
9. Bulgarian Society of Phytochemistry
10. Bulgarian Zeolite Association
11. Group of Experts in Mass-spectrometry
12. Joint Society of Chemists in Plovdiv City
13. Joint Society of Chemists in Sofia City
14. Joint Society of Chemists in Stara Zagora City
15. Mineral Fertilizers Association
16. Society of Analysts in Bulgaria
17. Society of Chemical Education and History and Philosophy of Chemistry
18. Society of Chemical Engineers
19. Society of Chemists at A. Zlatarov University of Burgas
20. Society of Chemists at Episkop Konstantin Preslavski University of Shumen
21. Society of Chemists at Neofit Rilski University of Blagoevgrad
22. Society of Experts in Environmentally Friendly Technologies
23. Society of Experts of Silicate Materials
24. Society of Inorganic Products Technologists
25. Society of Petroleum Chemists in Bulgaria.

These organisation units have their own statutes, which comply with the charter of the union. Personal files and membership cards register their members. Those registered by membership cards are about 2 000, however, over 10 000 specialists are involved in the activities of the union.

The Union of Chemists in Bulgaria is a member of the Federation of Scientific-technical Unions. It takes part in the activities of different organisations. The union is also a member of the European Federation of Chemical Societies and of the Balkan Environmentalists Association.

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