In memoriam


The General Assembly and the Administrative Council accomplish the management of the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria.
The General Assembly is the supreme body of the union.
The Administrative Council is the managing body that is elected by the General Assembly of delegates and includes predominantly representatives of the main divisions. This council acts between sessions of the General Assembly.

The following persons are members of the Administrative Council:

Venko Beshkov, Professor, DSc, President, tel
. +359-2-8702088
Ivo Valchev, Assoc. Professor, PhD, Vice-president, tel. +359-2-8163236
Vasil Zahariev Neychev, Assoc. Professor, PhD, Secretary, tel. +359-2-9875812
Adriana Tafrova-Grigorova, Professor, PhD, tel
. +359-2-8161399
Aleksandra Kamusheva, PhD, tel. +359-2-8161248
Vladimir Dimitrov, Professor, DSc, tel. +359-2-9606157
Dimitar Tsalev, Professor, DSc, tel. +359-2-8161318
Ivan Havezov, Assoc. Professor, PhD, tel. +359-2-9792571
Martin Bozhinov, Professor, DSc, tel. +359-2-8163430
Tzveti Tzvetkoff, Professor, DSc, tel. +359-2-8163428
Chavdar Bonev, Assoc. Professor, PhD, tel. +359-2-9792591

Venko Beshkov and Vasil Neychev present, together or individually, the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria by their signatures.

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